To the Editor:

Last Thursday’s article and editorial about security officers going undercover was disgraceful and unprofessional. I think it’s very doubtful that anyone even bothered to check the “facts” of the story at all. I also think that Kyle Yasigian failed to fully inform those he was quoting about the real nature of the article and aforementioned “facts.”

It is ridiculous to suggest that someone’s privacy is violated if publicly approached by a security officer who simply has a few questions regarding illegal activities. If you’re not breaking the law or violating university policies, you don’t have any reason to worry.

Security officers see the worst of this campus on a daily basis, and know better than anyone else the number of medical emergencies resulting from alcohol and drug use. If they want to find underage drinkers, they don’t need to look hard, they don’t need to go undercover, and they know this. If they want to go undercover to combat something that they see as a growing issue in a particular area and make people think twice about their actions, then I hope they are successful in their effort.

When people have questions, problems, or need assistance for anything they call security first. We are privileged to have such knowledgeable and dedicated security officers on our campus. No one should ever doubt that they have our best interest in mind, and a much greater effort should be put towards appreciating the work that they do instead of criticizing them all the time. Oh, and here’s another tip-if students made an effort to pay attention, they would recognize security officers both in uniform AND undercover!


Caroline Conway Class of 2004, Security Dispatcher

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