To the Editor:

I just want to thank the university for the great job they did in putting an end to the robberies that have been occurring in the townhouses this semester. It only took a couple of months and the loss of thousands of dollars of student property. I think the administration should do all of us a favor and take some business classes on how to properly allocate their budget. I’m sure the $6,000 that was needed to change Security to Public Safety could have been spent in a better way. Maybe it could have been used to make our campus safer. I’m pretty sure $6,000 would have been enough money to at least start putting some more cameras on campus or more security officers-something other than a new sign in front of Loyola and new jackets for the officers. It is sad that you are more likely to get away with robbing a house of thousands of dollars worth of items than you are parking where you’re not supposed to. God forbid Security take time away from giving out tickets to solve a real crime. Maybe next year the university can change the department’s name from Public Safety to “Parking Enforcement.” And thank you Dean of Students Mark Reed for being so supportive of the students who got robbed. It was nice of you to pretty much blame the students for getting their stuff stolen and calling it burglaries of circumstance. But I guess it is our fault as a student population for believing that the university would be a safe place to live. Not once was it conveyed to the student population that anything was being done to solve the problem. I also want to thank you and your crack team for providing us with the solution to the problem in the form of a block of wood. I’m sure that must have taken weeks of brainstorming and meetings to come up with. Was that all the school could afford since it spent all its Public Safety money on becoming Public Safety?

Sincerely, Andy Uria ’05

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