To the Editor:

I live in the townhouses and brought the issue of lack of access to the attention of several people in housing after I couldn’t get into the apartments after the first week or two of school. I also wrote Fran Koerting (Director of Residence Life) and Mike Tortora (Coordinator of Information Services) an extensive (two page) e-mail outlining my concerns. Fran responded back to me promptly, but did not provide a satisfactory response as to why we are suddenly being denied access.

I chose to live in the townhouses and not at the beach my senior year because I wanted to be an on-campus resident. The townhouses are still part of the Fairfield campus, and as such I should be allowed to have access to the buildings. I completely understand if townhouse residents were denied access to underclassmen housing. However, half of the senior class lives in the apartments and it is incredibly frustrating to call my friends each time I want to visit and have them wait for me by the door.

As for the intercom system on each residence hall, they are not very effective. Several of the lists are two years old. If you have ever tried to use it at the apartments and your friends have their phone on “private” you cannot be buzzed in. Your friends will not even know that you are waiting. I have no problem using the intercom, but I expect the lists to be updated and the phone system in the apartments to accommodate both the “private” function and the intercom system. They should not be mutually exclusive. It’s a good system, but the current functioning makes it futile.

These concerns aside, my main issue with the denial of access is the complete lack of communication from the school to the students that this was to be a new policy. This is even more frustrating considering for the first two weeks of school I was able to get in anywhere I wanted, and then suddenly my ID stopped working. A little notice would have been most appreciated.


Christine Carpino, ’04

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