Netflix recently released “Love is Blind,” the popular new reality show. It seeks to reiterate the old saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover.” The show takes an unconventional twist on dating and finding love in society that heavily depends on social media. Contestants meet and talk to each other through a series of rounds, almost like speed dating. However, the contestants are not aware of the identity of their partner. If contestants sense a connection with their partner, one party will propose marriage, finally allowing them to see who they have been connecting with the entire time. The new couples begin to live together and if they are happy, then they go on to tie the knot. “Love is Blind” takes the idea of judging a book by its cover off the table and encourages people to love someone not based on looks, but on their personality, showing viewers that love is indeed blind. I feel that this is actually a concept that can be extended into parts of my own life. 

It is human nature to judge. It is as hard as seeing words in front of you and not reading them. It is simply impossible to not read them! I catch myself judging people all the time. One reason for this is that people have their own outlooks and opinions about the world. Therefore, if they see something that doesn’t align with what they believe, they proceed to judge. When it comes to dating, this idea is prevalent. For many people, if they do not see what they like, they will move on quickly. In the last few years, many dating apps like Tinder, Bumble and Hinge have focused on the visual aspects of people, taking judging a book by its cover to a whole new level. For example, people on Tinder swipe through pictures of a large pool of people. If they are physically attracted to them, they swipe right and if they are not they swipe left. If both parties swipe to the right, they then match and can begin to talk. I feel that this type of judgement has worked for many people, however those who are camera shy or have a bright personality may have a tough time expressing their true self on this platform. They will not be able to accurately depict who they really are and what they have to offer in a relationship.

“Love is Blind” takes a cool twist on dating, but it’s a highly unrealistic method. Part of being attracted to someone is being physically attracted to them. If you do not find your partner attractive, it is going to be very challenging to spend so much time with them. They may be better off as best friends. 

I’ve found that a relationship is more likely to succeed if both partners see each other for both their looks and personality. Personally, I would find it hard to be in a relationship with someone who I did not find attractive, just like how it would be hard for me to be in a relationship with someone that I had no emotional connection with. I believe that you need both a physical and emotional connection to develop a strong relationship with your significant other. In addition, this show is unrealistic in the sense that all the participants are relatively attractive. When you have a pool of people who are all attractive, the odds that they will not be attracted to each other is very slim. In the real world, you have people of all different physical appearances, so there is a reason that you need to see the person before you fall in love with them. 

The show “Love is Blind” has been one of Netflix’s new hit shows because it has created something that is so unconventional in today’s society. With a society full of visual-first dating apps, where a picture of your face is judged first and not your personality, I think it’s a cool change. This form of dating can work for some people in the long run, but it isn’t for everybody. Netflix has not confirmed a second season yet, but the show’s creator is 100 percent confident that there will be a second season. I am curious to see how the show progresses and if they listen to some of the criticism they have received; such as not showcasing all types of people, which could help to prove to the viewers that love is indeed blind. 

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