You are only a freshman in college once, so make the most of it by doing something new every day, whether it’s joining a club or meeting someone different. Please don’t wish freshman year away. I know communal bathrooms aren’t fun and having dining hall food isn’t as nice as having a beach house with your own kitchen. However, it flies by and one day you’ll be wondering where your freshman year went.


If I could go back and do it all over again, I would. Right now I remember being an extremely anxious freshman because everything was new, between the classes, schedule, friends and distance from home. Transitioning to college was easily the biggest adjustment that I have yet to face, but there’s good news — it all falls into place and you will find your way.


Some people may find that the college they choose isn’t their destiny and that’s OK. For others like me, you’ll look back on your college years with your friends and reminisce on all the freshman memories that you won’t forget. To make the most out of your freshman year, my best advice is to get involved and put yourself out there. I know it sounds cliché and many people roll their eyes at that statement, but it’s true.


For starters, open your door. My best friends turned out to be my floormates. All of us left our doors open so it was more welcoming to meet up and spend time together. Another way to put yourself out there is to go to the dining hall with people that you know. You never know if you will meet even more people when you go. One thing I cannot stress enough is to stay out of your room. You aren’t going to meet new people scrolling through Instagram while laying on your bed cooped up in your dorm. I remember feeling the most homesick when I was alone in my room, so get out there.


The FYE events that they make you go to are there for a reason. They are free opportunities to get involved with others and participate in Fairfield events. Go to sporting events and all that they offer because in four years, you don’t want to look back and regret that you did not take advantage of all the opportunities that you had.


It is best to join as many clubs and activities as you can. The more you get involved, the more people that you meet. Yes, focusing on the academics is important, but experiencing college with your new friends around you will bring so much happiness. You need to be able to take a break from the schoolwork and have fun with your friends. Additionally, try not to stress too much and remember that everyone else in your class is in the same boat as you. You are all new to college life and having friends at your side as you go will make it unforgettable.


I will never forget a quote that an NSL for my class said at summer orientation: ”The next two days will feel like four years, and the next four years will feel like two days.” I carried myself around orientation feeling like it was dragging on forever. I had thought to myself, if this is how college is going to be, I do not want to go. Looking back as a sophomore, I am wondering where my freshman year went and how scary it is that the NSL’s statement is turning out to be true.

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