While Fairfield University strives to update campus with technological improvements and architectural endeavors, one simplistic aspect has been grossly neglected, the food.

As the Barone Campus cafeteria has strived to offer students more delectible fare through expanding its culinary reportoire, the Stag still leaves much to be salivated. With inconsistency in its menu and a lack of variety, are students really getting what they are paying for?

The Stag is currently asking for advice on what they can do to improve the food via a survey that can be filled out between now and Friday. This is a checklist of things that could be improved:

The menu has been quite inconsistent since day one. They introduced pizza and calzones, touting that it would be a great improvement to the menu items last spring. Later on, it became impossible to find calzones and the initial consistency of the pizzas disappeared. It could be cut, it could be cooked properly, and it could ultimately taste right. More often than not, however, that simply was not the case.

The same could be said with the stuffed pretzels, which they many times can’t identify themselves, making you end up with a cream cheese when you wanted an apple. Or the soups, which are occasionally mislabeled. Even the prices are inconsistent while the Stag tries to find its voice.

However, there have been some solid staples that are student favorites, keeping campus residents’ tummies full. Boar’s Head meat and cheeses along with a variety of breads provide a reasonably healthy alternative and a down-home deli feeling. With a variety of chips, both baked and greasy, and a freezer chock full of deadly desserts, one can eat heartily without worrying about quality. Give the Stag credit where credit is due – pints of Ben and Jerry’s is enough to elevate the worth of a dining dollar.

Overall, it seems where the Stag has little or no control over the making of food, it’s fine, while things they are responsible with from start to end are a work in progress. Until Jazzman’s Café opens up, the Stag is all we have, but we hope that they’ll continue to work on the menu options. The foundation is there, as it always has been. But the follow-through still remains much to be desired.

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