The Emmys, or as most people refer to as “not the Oscars,” were held on Sept. 20. From the red carpet to the stage, FOX captured every moment of the event. As I was watching, I was quite pleased with a lot of the winners. The Emmys to me always tend to favor specific shows as well as actors and actresses that have won in previous years. I found this year refreshing in the sense that the awards didn’t go to the same old winners, but rather, the Emmys favored a new group of talent that has hit the big screen. That being said, I was proud to be a fan of some of the winners for this year.

My favorite part of the award show was the Outstanding Drama Series award going to “Game of Thrones.” Although I am sometimes ashamed to watch a show where the most likeable character will probably die within the next season, the intricate plot line and character development keeps my friends and I committed to the story. “Game of Thrones” to me was the most deserving show for the award due to its well-written script and impressive acting. The show is also one of the few that has continued to be impressive throughout many seasons, including a compelling storyline and creative character development. Being an avid fan made the award even more meaningful to me as an audience member.

I was also excited that, for once, “Modern Family” didn’t win the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series. I was ecstatic to hear that instead, the award was presented to “Veep.” Although I came across “Veep” unexpectedly on HBO when it came on after “Game of Thrones,” my family and I were pleasantly surprised by the show’s latest season. “Veep” has followed the career of Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s character, Selina Meyer, through her time as vice president, her campaign for presidency and most recently, her trials and errors of being president. The comical outlook on politics was refreshing and I think well-suited for a year when Donald Trump is running for president.

As far as actors are concerned, I was not too familiar with any of the men nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor, except for Peter Dinklage. That being said, even if I followed the other actors, I don’t think anyone would be more deserving of this award. His character in “Game of Thrones” is constantly one of my favorites. Dinklage’s ability to deliver a witty, and at times sarcastic, line should be honored since he never fails to entertain the audience by adding a little humor to an otherwise morbid show.

Much like my enthusiasm for when Dinklage won his award, I was impressed when Viola Davis took home her award for her role in “How to Get Away with Murder.” Although I have failed to keep up with the show, the few episodes that I had seen are plenty for me to know that Davis deserves her award for Outstanding Lead Actress. If her mysterious, cynical character in the show wasn’t adequate for you, her acceptance speech was reason enough to give her the award. Davis addressed the hardships that many African American women face with little opportunity for significant roles. I think that Davis’s speech about overcoming diversity was enough to add anyone, including myself, to her fan base.

But I do need to point out that one of my favorite actresses who won the award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy role was Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Dreyfus has long been a favorite actress of mine since I started watching her as Elaine on the classic sitcom “Seinfeld.” Her comedic ability transferred over into her new show, “Veep.” I was happy to see her win the award in her category even though she was not new to the Emmy nomination process. For the last three years, Dreyfus has taken home the award for Outstanding Lead Actress for her role in “Veep.” This award going to Dreyfus, although seemingly repetitive, was well-deserved.

I was excited to see a lot of my favorite shows and celebrities win for their category during the Emmys. Also, I was glad to see the Emmys award a new set of shows and celebrities, hopefully, as Davis talks about, opening opportunity to a more diverse form of Hollywood. As a dedicated fan to many of the winners, I was happy to watch the Emmys and cheer on my favorites.

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