A crowd gathered in the Lower Level of the Barone Campus Center for Project Recycle on Friday, a fashion show meant to educate college students about the environment and display snazzy clothes made from recyclable materials such as plastic, bubble wrap and newspaper.

In sticking with the theme, even the BCC was littered with environment-friendly trash: cardboard boxes were taped to columns, and the runway was covered in shredded paper and outlined in plastic soda bottles.

Organized by the Healthy Living Floor of Campion and the Student Environmental Association, S.E.A., it was an entertaining event for both the participants and onlookers.

The display of student-made clothes was probably the only highlight of Project Recycle. Student models walked down the steps of the BCC and onto the runway, each to their own theme song, strutting their stuff in entertaining ways.

The first to appear were the Glamour Twins, as Yolehema Felican ’12 and Antquanette Chisolm ’12 were referred to, sporting big newspaper skirts, gray tank tops and black leggings.

Next was Taylor Callahan ’12, outfitted in sheer plastic wrap and a skirt made of numerous candy wrappers; hers was an eye-popping number, as it was the only article of ‘clothing’ containing color. Soon to follow was Gabby Arens ’12 and James Matthews ’12, paired as a married couple in matching material outfits crafted out of sheer plastic wrap and discretely placed duct tape and newspaper, so as not to expose the two. ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘

Last was Cicily Collazo ’12, dressed in a cocktail-type dress made of bunched newspaper and green foil. All the outfits were well made, considering that the materials used to make them rip easily.

Following the presentation, Project Recycle turned into an odd sort of beauty pageant with Joe Ginese, Assistant Director of New Student Programs, asked what contestants would do to save the environment and why we as a population should save the environment.

During an interlude, Grant Miller ’10, an RA from Campion, rapped about the environment in his poem called ‘The Deep End.’

Based on numerous trivia questions, outfits and the contestants’ behavior, a winner was chosen; Callahan became queen of Project Recycle and was awarded a garbage bag cape and paper crown for her efforts.

Most people enjoyed the event. The models were able to work the crowd and keep them entertained.

Those involved with Project Recycle felt that it was very successful and that the message was delivered. ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘

According to Marie Valente ’12, designer of Callahan’s dress and part of the staff who organized the event, the residents of Healthy Living Campion ‘were trying to inform everyone about recycling in a fun way.’

‘I think it went really well,’ said Michelle Smith ’12.

‘It was both entertaining and educational. I was glad to work with S.E.A.,” she added.
Bradley Fay ’12 added, ‘I think its grand.’

‘James [one of the models] is amazing and I believe he may be wearing silver spankies made from duct tape,’ Fay added.

If environmentally-friendly fashion is the way to go, and it involves duct tape spankies, than the students have much to anticipate.

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