To the Editor:

The War in Iraq is in full swing. It looks like there is no turning back now, especially with a president many consider to be a war hawk. However, protests are far from over, and I applaud the people who continue their vigilant effort againts what they consider an unjust war. We live in a democratic society, and everyone has the right to voice an opinion. This right has not been reciprocated by war protestors.

Last week when walking into my wing of Jogues hall, I was astounded by a sign on the door. It read, “Support War Now.” I had not imagined seeing a pro-war sign on campus this year or in my next three. I welcomed these as a breath of fresh air for this campus. The anti-war view has been predominant on campus for many months now.

I am pro-war and regardless of my feelings regarding the war, I treat all signs in the same fashion. I leave them on the wall. Many may not have seen the pro-war signs though, and that is the result of the anti-war activists’ double-standard. Remermber before you rip down a pro-war sign that nearly seventy percent of this country is pro-war, and Bush’s approval ratings are climbing. Continue your protests because you have a right to your beliefs, but so do others.


Thomas Foran, ’06

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