Do you have a favorite location on campus to eat lunch in between classes, or maybe stop by for dinner? Mine is The Stag Snack Bar located on the main level in the Barone Campus Center, home to handcrafted wraps, deliciously greasy foods, quick grab-n-go snacks and meals and of course, scrumptious salads. 

What is missing this year though, are two of my favorite features The Stag had to offer. The rotating restaurant and Sally the salad-making robot have been removed this year. I am a junior here at Fairfield and for the past two years, I have genuinely enjoyed trying new foods that I might not have chosen to eat had they not been offered in the rotating restaurant. They had a selection ranging from Italian delicacies to Asian cuisine, to Mexican tapas and so many more options to choose from. At the beginning of each week, there would be a sign describing the food selection and the various ways you could make it unique just for your taste. I think it is extremely disappointing that this section of The Stag has been removed because it was so loved by so many students, faculty and staff. 

This year what has replaced the rotating restaurant is a regular old salad bar. Now do not get me wrong, I love salad and I have enjoyed it many times already this school year along with the pleasant staff who put together the delicious salads. However, last year our salad station was Sally the salad-making robot, created by DoorDash, which had up to 22 ingredients to create completely unique salads. There was something so special and individual about choosing exactly what you wanted on your salad and then watching a machine create it for you, it was completely futuristic. Unfortunately, this year Sally has been retired and taken out of The Stag. I was sad to see the salad robots go since I used them so often, so I needed to do some investigation. 

After a quick Google search, I found plenty of answers to my questions about the discontinuation of Sally. According to, Sally the salad-making robot was not meeting the standards that DoorDash needed it to, which is why they have chosen to retire it. I think it is great that The Stag has taken steps to replace our salad station, but it is just extremely saddening that it needed to take the place of the beloved rotating restaurant which I, along with so many other students, loved so much! 

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