Appalled would be an understatement. Just when you thought the fashion trends of today could not get any lazier, any more heinous, manufacturers raised the bar yet again. Some brilliant designer out there has decided to further convenience us by sewing together a pair of leggings and a skirt, giving birth to the skegging.

What confuses me is that, is it not simple enough to simply wear a pair of leggings under a skirt, if you so desire? The creation of the skegging represents a serious problem of Western society. Today, everything must be simple. We are no longer challenged. We have shaped our world to be convenient to us, with the inventions of fast food restaurants, drive through windows and now skeggings. As a society, we have grown to become very lazy people. A simple thing such as the fusion of a skirt and a pair of leggings has gone to exemplify our horrific laziness.

Skeggings are just atrocious. Put a little effort into your wardrobe! The workplace is also no place for skeggings; as a society, we no longer take the time to present ourselves in a professional and respectable way.

If we can take anything from skeggings, it should be that they should not be worn. The skeggings need to go, and the laziness needs to end.

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