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Weekly nauts. Grape weekends. Hurricane Sandy and a blizzard?

Welcome to senior year for the class of 2013. The year of college we were all waiting for. The year that was supposed to include sun, sand, parties and senioritis; however, our class had a few extra events thrown into the mix. What started out as the best year for Fairfield’s class of 2013, soon became a rollercoaster of ups and downs as we struggled through some of the most unexpected events imaginable.

Rewind back to the first weekend of school. The senior class was enthused and excited to start the best year of college. From point days to nights at The Seagrape Café, the year started out exactly how we hoped. During September through October our class hosted memory-making events including Oktoberfest, Beer Olympics and more; however, come Halloween weekend this all came to a startling halt.

Welcome Hurricane Sandy and what should have been the end of our senior excitement during fall semester. After the wind and waves from Sandy came crashing through, some students were out of their beloved houses for more than a month and lacking the morale they started off the year with. From beach front living to converted dorm lounges the weekly nauts and Grape weekends came to a close.

Now, most of the senior class was reliving their freshman year experience except with a few additional roommates. In my personal case I went from a four bedroom beach house to a corner converted study lounge in less than a week. Living in, what must have been, a 10 feet by 10 feet room that was home to four girls the excitement I began the year with was about the run out. Obviously, this was not exactly what I had in mind when thinking about senior year during my time at Fairfield, yet, somehow, here we were.

Fast forward to the beginning of December and, for most seniors, life as we knew it had slowly started to regain normalcy. At this point my housemate and I were finally re-entering our much missed home. (I have never been more excited to finally have my own room back.) Slowly the weekly nauts, nights at the Grape and complete ridiculousness were back in action and our class seemed to regain the morale we once knew; however, unknown to us the bizarre turn of events were not over.

About two weeks ago, on February 8, the class of 2013 was supposed to celebrate the beginning of the last 100 days until graduation countdown; however, Mother Nature once again had something else in mind. On that same day our party was supposed to be, Fairfield experienced a blizzard leaving the class three feet of snow. Instead of taking this weekend to celebrate this big mark in our time at Fairfield, we spent the weekend shoveling snow, trying to move our cars out of harm’s way and stuck without any mode of transportation due to the condition of the roads. Not exactly the party we had in mind. Yet in classic class of 2013 spirit, we have bounced back and are continuing to live out the remainder of our last year as college students with the same excitement and morale we started.

With the ridiculous events this senior class has endured, we have come out the other side with a better outlook than we started. We have less than 100 days to leave our mark on Fairfield and we intend to do so in the most exciting way possible. With many events planned and the spring sunlight right around the corner the class of 2013 is ready to end their college careers in style, as long as Mother Nature is done playing her tricks on us.

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