The Stag Shuttle’s times and route have changed… but for better or for worse? These changes are mostly in part due to the opening of Fairfield’s off-campus bookstore (read our articles about it!).

Because of the new route, which passes (but doesn’t stop in front of) the library and takes back roads to stop right in front of the new store, the shuttle now starts a good 45 minutes earlier than before.

This is good for students who don’t like to wait until noon to get into town. The stop in front of the bookstore also provides closer access to the “heart of downtown Fairfield” and will be convenient when students need to pick-up textbooks from the bookstore.

At the same time, the route to the bookstore is quite out of the way and is definitely a time killer. The Stag shuttle has to travel behind the parking lot that is connected to the bookstore shopping complex. Why not just stop there and let the students cut through the parking lot to the back door? It would shorten the route by a few minutes, and then the bus could make its merry way down Post Road back to Bob’s plaza and the rest of its stops.

Students have already begun to complain that the ride to the bookstore is too long, and that it’s easier to just walk there from the train station. The time it takes to get there by foot is probably the same.

Although the library stop wasn’t essential to the bus route, it was a good stop that students used frequently. Smack in the middle between Downtown Fairfield and the rest of town—which has 16 Handles, Fin, Flipside, Tombo, a few different banks, Tiffany’s Nails—it was an easy enough location to act as a meeting point and a central navigation point. It should’ve stayed as a staple of the shuttle route.

And when winter time comes around, who in all honesty will want to wait around for 45 minutes for the shuttle? Half an hour is bad enough to wait outside for a bus when it’s below 40°… let’s not push it.

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