As every veteran Stag knows, the beginning of the fall semester is an eventful time on Fairfield University’s campus. Students are settling in, classes are up and running and the beach is buzzing. Suddenly, the weeks go by and in the blink of an eye, September is over. The Presidential Ball hype has left almost as soon as it had arrived, and before we know it it’s October. This means that Red Sea Madness is right around the corner. 

Unlike suits, dresses, crazy amounts of dancing and all the other repetitive characteristics that come along with the Presidential Ball, Red Sea Madness is the only campus event that holds any form of uniqueness, and that is due to one trait – the unknown. The annual mystery of who will be performing at Red Sea Madness makes the event the one occasion of the school year when the students know close to nothing about how the night will play out. 

However, even with four years of knowledge under my belt, one aspect I do not understand is why the student body is left in the dark about the Red Sea Madness performance until only a few short weeks before it happens. Shouldn’t students have the right to know who is performing sooner? Based on the incredible success of last year’s performance, one could conclude that if students were to help choose an artist that they would actually want to see perform at Red Sea Madness, then they would actually attend Red Sea Madness.

During the first two months of the school year, Stags are desperate in their search for information about the event. They pry relentlessly at the all-powerful members of Fairfield University Students Association who are within their reach and ask who the performer is going to be, as if they are the only individuals on campus who should be entrusted with the exclusive information as a reward for thinking of such an original question. However, I’m telling you now instead of later – don’t bother wasting your time. With admirable strength and determination, FUSA members will not tell you who is performing. They hold their positions seriously with lips locked and are unwavering in their resilience. 

Now I’m not a FUSA member, but I’ll be the first to admit that the work they do is hard. Choosing the “right” performer for campus is an incredible responsibility, and I can’t fail to mention the significant amount of details that take place behind the scenes to plan it. Although, in support of my fellow not in the know, non-FUSA Stags, if the association were to combat its secrecy, then the October concert would have the potential to dramatically increase Fairfield University’s pride. No matter the amount of university events, our pride always seems to be lacking on campus. No pressure here FUSA, but it all starts with giving the student body more say in the Red Sea Madness decision making process. The campus is now your stage, and it is your chance to shine by saving Fairfield’s pride. Oh, how the Red Sea tides have turned. 

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