It’s about 9 a.m. you reach over to pick up your phone because, let’s be real, none of us use the digital alarm clock anymore. You allow your bright phone screen to blind you for about 35 seconds while you select the snooze option for 20 more minutes. Before you roll over to the comfortable and warm pleasurable side of your twin XL bed you check your weather application. It’s about 15 degrees. You mentally prepare yourself for the deathly, bone-chilling, lip-chafing cold air that you will battle on your 10-minute walk to class. Your final alarm has rung and it’s time to prepare your armor against the enemy.

Let’s take a trip to your closet and maybe your roommate’s closet if they have more winter gear than you do, but first take care of that dragon breath and wash your face. To begin you will need to apply lotion to your skin; having dry skin while walking in the cold can only make the unfortunate event worse. Now that you have taken care of your vitals, look through all your drawers and guys, pull out those long johns to wear under your jeans or sweatpants (trust me you will appreciate it).

Wearing layers is the number one rule when trying to survive a Fairfield winter. Ladies, wear your thin, black leggings that were probably on sale at H&M, underneath your pants instead of wearing them alone. Not only will you be protecting the panty line that likes to make brief cameos throughout the day, but you will also be able to double up on the leggings if need be since they are so thin.

The next important part is protecting your upper body. Of course the walk to class is dreadful but often times the classrooms are cold as well, so be sure to layer up underneath your North Face. Long sleeve shirts and a Stag sweatshirt should do the trick. No matter what you decide, you can never go wrong with a cardigan sweater or your favorite sweatshirt. Ladies, pull out your boyfriend’s favorite XL Giants sweatshirt – not  only is it comfy while walking around in your room, but think of it as having him protect you from the tortuous temperatures outside. You like that idea, right? Take a look in the mirror, feeling pretty good? Can you move your arms and legs in case you have to brace yourself against the slippery hills on campus? Good.

Let’s not forget your feet, if there is snow outside be sure wear your thick socks and choose shoes that have a good grip, because if you’re anything like me, slipping and sliding around campus and falling is not how you want to spend the day. Class starts in about 20 minutes. You probably wish you didn’t hit the snooze button right?

As you pack your bag for class don’t forget your gloves, scarf and hat. These will be your best defense against the wind charging at your face. I’m sorry you might not be able to text while wearing your gloves, but you will be happy knowing your fingers still have life and have not transformed into icicles. As the time dwindles down, you realize it’s time to face the weather. But you are prepared, layers and all. Hurry up! You only have 10 minutes to get to Canisius, and your weather application states the temperature has dropped two degrees since you first checked.

Good luck my fellow student, and all hail the warmest Stag.

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