Favorite ‘That’s What She Said.”

Keri Harrison, News Editor: “Should I make it bigger?”
“Yeah, I like it big.”
“I like it big too.”
-Photos are awesome

Michelle Morrison, Online Managing Editor: “And then some guy takes you into his office and does what you could have done in five seconds.” (About the registrar)

Lily Norton, Executive Editor: She Said says, “It’s all He Said’s fault.”

Veronica Florentino, Opinion Editor: “Should I get ‘Knocked Up?'”
… I was referring to purchasing the DVD.

If you were any building on campus, which one would you be and why?

Harrison: The library so I can be taken out.

Morrison: The BCC, because I like to be the center of the action.

Norton: I’d be the RecPlex so you can work me out.

Florentino: Bellarmine Hall, for its international culture.

If I were Editor-In-Chief for a day, I would …

Harrison: Wake up in the morning feeling like Tom Cleary.

Morrison: Give the online staff a raise.

Norton: Be my own pimp.

Florentino: Play softball with the best team “We put out on hump-day (we realize we’re trying to cram alot in there but we’ll make it fit).”

Does God like Tom?

Harrison: God? God God? Yes, yes He does. The “He Said” gods, not quite.

Morrison: All I know is, the party don’t start ’til he walks in.

Norton: What do you mean? I’m pretty sure Tom is God.

Florentino: God likes Tom. Whether God likes certain other Mirror staffers is still questionable.

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