What was your favorite moment as a Mirror Editor?

Lily Norton, Executive Editor: Headline reads: “Theatre Fairfield, bitches!!!!!”

Veronica Florentino, Opinion Editor: “Who, What, Wednesdays.” Bring it, Lily! Bring it!

Keri Harrison, News Editor: Melissa and I forgetting everything we were supposed to do after we came back from abroad.

Melissa Mann, Arts & Entertainment Editor: The Mirror Christmas party. Secret Santa at it’s finest. And by finest, I mean we didn’t mess up at all …

Best perk of being a Mirror staffer?

Norton: “We got food everywhere, as if the party was catered.”

Florentino: Look at the staff box — those are the people who made my Fairfield life complete.

Harrison: News is on top.

Mann: Free concert tickets, duhh. And SBC dinners.

Best Mirror office quote?

Norton: Michael Ian Black: “Are you a journalism major? You need to get your sh*t together.”

Florentino: I’m going to say the time we had a massive office sing-along … which could be heard from the IRHA office next door.

Harrison: In the words of our new and improved EIC: “Spaghett!”

Mann: “Let’s go inside!”

Why is 4×4 superior to 3×5?

Norton: It’s not — I’m all for equality.

Florentino: 4×4 > 3×5
4+4+4+4 > 3+3+3+3+3
16 > 15

Harrison: I will simplify Veronica’s answer: 16 is greater than 15.

Mann: We’re prettier and we have better outfits.

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