Fashion, similar to the difference between tipsy and drunk, is a concept generally left up to personal interpretation. Everyone has their own philosophy when it comes his or her wardrobe, or in some cases, no philosophy at all. I hardly consider myself a fashionista, but I do have my own style, which is something that I take a lot of pride in. My desire to accurately represent who I am via my clothes is a 24/7 thing, but it comes out in full force when the weekend rolls around.

Trying to figure out what to wear to a party is frustrating. You don’t want to look so provocative that you are harshly judged by your female peers, but you want to look hot enough that guys flirt with you. You want to look trendy and cute so your girlfriends tell you how much they love your clothes, but not so fashion-forward that the boys think you look weird (or maybe that’s all just me).

Herein lies the issue – men and women view clothing differently. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is, when I’m getting ready to go out and trying on my fourth outfit combination of the night, while any guy I’m going to see later is probably stressing way less than I (or any of my girlfriends) am.

Of course, the realm of outfit possibilities is substantially smaller when you have an extra appendage between your legs, and our society puts more value and emphasis on women’s appearances than men’s. But when it comes to men’s fashion, a little goes a long way. Boys, at least look like you tried, because I try hard to look good, and if you’re not going to even put in half the effort I am, what makes you think I’m going to want you? Perhaps choice of clothing does not hold the same weight for other girls as it does for me, but the way a guy dresses is one of the main criteria that dictates if I am going to be interested or not.

None of this is to say that the male population of Fairfield is style-incompetent. Stag Country here is full of lots of money and lots of vanity, a recipe for fabulous clothing choices. However, there is still no male equivalent to a bandage dress and heels, except maybe a well-tailored suit, but that’s not proper attire for a party where the only drink choices are probably either jungle juice or Keystone. Maybe I’m just bitter, because men look better in winter clothes than women do.

But regardless of all that, gentlemen, if you want to continue seeing our bare legs and low-cut tops even in the dead of winter, do us ladies a favor and show a little extra appreciation for all our hard work (and borderline frostbitten skin), and maybe put a little extra work into your appearance too. It’ll be worth your while. Promise.

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