Fairfield Beach Resident Association (FBRA) has been the bane of student life for quite some time. They are personally responsible for the injunction at Lantern Point and they are once again rearing their heads in anger about last year’s Clam Jam. FBRA President Paige Herman vowed, “We will not have another May 1, 2010.” This means that FBRA is ready to attack beach life as we know it.

For the most part, Fairfield residents do not mind Fairfield University students. In fact, they appreciate the business we bring to Fairfield, they enjoy the Quick Center events (we even gave them enough parking at students expense), and they love the influx of baby sitters.

To understand how a respectable, affluent group of individuals could move to Fairfield Beach and not expect partying students as their neighbors might seem a bit strange. It is clear, in just a few Google searches, that there are parties going on at The Beach. We blame realtors who make Fairfield Beach out to be Fairfield County’s next hot spot and want the commission on two million dollar ‘McMansions.’

This means that the realtors decided to conveniently leave out things like Clam Jam or that Fairfield students party at the Grape until 1 a.m., at least four nights a week. Hate to break it to the Fairfield Beach residents, but a little research might have helped. (Oh, and The Beach is lame compared to stories from what alumni reminisce about of the 1990s)

However, those residents at the beach who wish they were living on the Westport coastline, are now putting even more pressure on the new police chief to take action against rowdy Fairfield college students. That being said, we are all sure that every member of the FBRA never partied once while in college, or that any of the male members never urinated outside of a bathroom throughout his entire life. We are also sure that if a DUI-check was set up on Reef Rd. from 8-10 p.m., police  wouldn’t catch members coming home from having one too many scotches after taking the train home.

We understand that drunk Fairfield University students are not the ideal neighbors. We most certainly won’t to live next to them after we have made our millions and are looking to settle down in southern Fairfield County, North Jersey, the high end suburbs of Boston or North Shore Long Island. However, don’t blame us just because you made the mistake of living in a college town with a student population that lives in crappy beach houses and has a bar within walking distance. So please do not take it out on us because your realtors promised a Westport style waterside property.

Let’s come to a happy medium: put some port-a-potties up, extra trash cans along Reef Rd. and get a bunch of ear plugs (just like Fairfield University did for Kostka residents) so we can all get along. And let us be the first to invite you to come enjoy Clam Jam with us this year on May 1. It’s good music, good clams, good beer and a great time. Just call it a Block Party. The best part is you don’t even need to bring anything!

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