Self-help books are something that most people have heard of, but the real question is, do people actually like reading self-help books?

I think I have read one self-help book throughout my entire life and to be honest it wasn’t anything special. The book dragged on for hundreds and hundreds of pages when I honestly could have gotten that advice from my parents. 

I think the idea of self-help books is great. Wanting to improve yourself is something that everyone should want to do. Some of these books have great information and good advice, but are these books really changing people’s lives?

When I see a self-help book in Barnes and Noble or the library I look skeptically at it. I think “Okay, that might be something I would read but would it really do me any good?” 

There are some self-help books that also have misleading or toxic titles. For instance, there is a popular book by Mireille Guiliano called “Why French Women Don’t Get Fat”

For starters, this statement is very general and is not all that true. No matter where you are in the world there are going to be people who are overweight, and French women aren’t the exception.

Of course, different cultures have different eating habits and different ways of life which may be the reason why it seems that other countries have a “thinner” population, but writing a book on why women in a specific country don’t get fat isn’t true for everyone. 

Another reason why self-help books in my opinion are a waste is because a lot of the information that is in these books is information that the general public already has a decent understanding of. 

Books called “Your Twenties” and “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living” are all books that people don’t need to read because they can figure out these obstacles for themselves.

Of course, reading these books won’t do major harm and maybe will give advice that was never given to you before, but there are other ways to get advice and information. 

Instead of reading a book about “Your Twenties” how about you enjoy your twenties and experience it for yourself? If you are really feeling lost you can talk to friends and family to help guide you. Being in your twenties or any age for that matter is all about living and learning and making mistakes. 

Without doing these things you aren’t really living. Instead of living through a book of another person’s experiences, you should live your own life and create your own experiences. 

Self-help books I think are for the people in society who have no idea how to live their life. Learning how to live your life though starts by living your own life. You have to experience things by yourself on your own terms to be able to understand how to navigate your life.

Self-help books like this article I am writing are all based on opinions and personal experiences. So who am I to say that self-help books aren’t helpful? To some people, they are the best thing in the world and to others, they couldn’t care less about them. 

Everyone on earth is living and experiencing life for the first time and it can be hard, sad, frustrating, lonely and confusing to go through it by yourself. That being said, a self-help book isn’t necessarily going to change your life. You have to initiate the change for yourself.

That being said, a self-help book isn’t necessarily going to change your life. You have to initiate the change for yourself.

Initiating change into your own life can be scary. It takes a lot of guts to be able to change your life in a dramatic way.

For instance, getting over a bad breakup or creating a healthier lifestyle. No matter what change you are making to your life, it takes a lot of courage.

Self-help books can be a huge help for some who need that extra encouragement to go out there and change their life for the better, but they are not a necessity. 

Self-help books are profited on those who are insecure with their own current life situations. This is not a demographic people should want to be a part of. 

Taking your life into your control is a way to break free from the toxicity of self-help books.

If you take anything away from this article it should be to live your own life the way you want to live it because you don’t need a book telling you how to live a life that isn’t yours. 

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