One of the greatest television battles is the eleven o’clock battle between Seinfeld and Friends. These re-runs offer episodes that some people know by heart, but they will still faithfully watch it again. But there is a choice to make, which one to watch? Seinfeld, a comedy show about nothing, or Friends, a comedy show about relationships. I decided to examine some of the main elements which both of these shows posses and come up with an overall winner.

Romance and Dating

Friends: Ok, so there was the on-going saga of Ross and Rachel. After all those years of Ross having a crush on her, he finally gets to be with her. Now that’s fine, great. Go Ross! But then they break up, and then get back together and then there was “the break.” But then Chandler and Monica got together which saved the show.

Seinfeld: I see it as Jerry as an average-looking guy dating extremely beautiful women who are totally out of his league. It’s just not believable. Then there is George, when single he wants a relationship, but when he finally has a girlfriend he wants out. George and Susan was a boring relationship until she died from licking toxic envelops for their wedding.

Advantage: Friends

Hangout spots

Friends: Their favorite spot is the coffee house called Central Perk. Not a bad spot, good coffee, big size mugs, comfy looking couches. But how the hell do they always get to sit on those couches? No one else wants to sit there? Are all the friends too good to sit on a stool? Just a thought.

Seinfeld: Their most popular hang out is Monks Diner, where some of the show’s greatest conversations have occurred. This diner is known for its “big salad,” Elaine’s favorite.

Advantage: Friends

Supporting Cast

Friends: Gunther.

Seinfeld: Newman, Puddy, Kenny Banyan, Jay Peterman, Jerry’s parents, George’s parents, George Steinbrenner, the Soup Nazi, Jackie Childs, the Bubble Boy and the list goes on and on.

Advantage: Seinfeld Best Quotes

Friends: Ross: “We were on a Break!”

(Ross’s famous line claiming his innocence about why he slept with another woman when he was with Rachel.)

Seinfeld: The Soup Nazi: “No soup for you!”

(The Soup Nazi’s famous command, which he yelled to unabiding customers who didn’t follow his rules.)

Advantage: Seinfeld

The Real Deal: Even though a numerical tie, I think Seinfeld is a better show because each episode is easily recognizable and hilarious, and there will never be another Kramer.

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