Hey! I am Darryl and I will be your guide through the world of politics. I am going to give you a different way to think about this election and how to really define ‘change’? Do they really have your interests in mind? Is this the change that you need? Because this is probably your first time voting for president, I will give you the real scoop on these candidates and what their real interests are. Also, be sure to register this fall to vote either here in Fairfield or send in those absentee ballots back home. Alright – let’s get to work!

Some may ask who is John McCain? If you have been under a rock for the past few months, he is the now the Republican Presidential Nominee. He has served on Capitol Hill first as a Congressmen before being elected in 1986 to the United States Senate representing Arizona.

McCain is known as the ‘maverick’ of the Republican party. Such a maverick that he can call himself one and still support the Bush policies about 90 percent of the time. He also served in the United States Navy and is the son and grandson of two admirals in the United States Navy.

Quite frankly, I do find that serving the nation is very admirable and the hardships that he faced were horrible, but with all due respect does that really make you qualified to be President? His wife, Cindy McCain, is the heiress to the Budweiser Corporation (The American Beer). So vote McCain/Palin ’08 if you like mavericks, Bush policies and Bud.

OK, moving on to the next candidate Barack Obama. ‘Barack who?’ asked the old man who lived under a rock for the past two years. ‘BARACK OBAMA!’ yelled out the Democratic Party and the Clinton’s.

Obama was a community organizer who ran for the Illinois senate and then onward to the U.S. senate in 2005. He has focused a lot on trying to make changes that would best fit the United States and its citizens living in the 21st century.

Barack Obama is the first African- American to be nominated by a major party in American History, which is truly historic and inspiring in my opinion.
The question that still stands is is Obama ready to be President? Obama has not even been in the Senate for a full term. McCain answered that question when Palin was nominated.

Yes, Obama is ready! McCain’s running mate, Palin, has been a governor for only 2 years and a mayor of a town with less than 9,000 people.’

Obama’s running mate Joe Biden has been in the senate for more than 30 years and has run for the presidency.’ The question that is being asked is whether or not Biden can take the back seat after he has ran for president two times in his life and is known for speaking his mind.

These are all things to think about.

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