There have recently been new accusations of sexual assault against President Donald Trump. A women who worked on Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign has recently sued him in federal court for sexual assault. The woman, Alva Johnson, claims that Trump forcibly kissed her at a campaign event months before he was elected president. Johnson, who is an African American woman, also says that Trump’s campaign discriminated against her by paying her less than her white and male peers.

Johnson told her significant other and parents about the assault when it happened and then tried to move on. However, when a video surfaced of Trump using vulgar language to describe unwanted affection, she felt compelled to come forward with her story. Johnson was turned down by a lawyer who she wanted to represent her because the lawyer felt it would negatively impact his business. Johnson is now another addition to the growing list of women who are coming forward about Trump’s sexual misconduct.

Trump has weaseled his way out of many accusations of breaking the law, including partaking in sexual misconduct, because he is a white, rich and powerful man. What does that say about our country? It says that laws only apply to the people who do not fit that description. It makes us look inconsistent because we do not hold universal accountability. There has been far too many statements and evidence for Trump to not have been charged with something, including election and voting crimes, discrimination, and sexual assault.

Trump should be taken to court to represent himself just like any regular person would have to do. The court should not favor him because he is the president nor should they care about his economic status and race. In this country, people have been killed by police for far less than what Trump has done or been accused of. It is unfair that some people lose their lives over smaller crimes while Trump can still run the country as a criminal. There needs to be a level of consistency in the Judicial System, which is something we have never seen in this country. Two people can commit the same crime, one black and one white, or one rich and one poor, or one a citizen and one an immigrant, and there will be a world of difference in how each of them are dealt with. This kind of discrimination needs to be resolved if this country wants to be united.

It matters that Trump is charged with breaking the law because citizens want to see that everyone in this country is being held to the same level of responsibility. If the president does not need to be held accountable for his actions, then the citizens will come to think that laws can be broken without consequences.

Johnson’s case is an important one on multiple levels in both sexual assault and race and gender discrimination. An African American woman not getting paid the same amount as her white and male colleagues is repulsive. It is illegal to pay someone a certain amount based on their demographic features, but it seems clear that laws and ethics do not apply to Trump. I am interested to see how these charges play out in court because race and gender discrimination has been a huge discussion in the country as of late. Sexual harassment has also been the center of discussion in our country, and the fact that our own president is being accused of such actions is just revolting. Trump will probably end up charge free at the end of this case just like all the others, but it gets increasingly harder for people to ignore the crimes against the president the more they are surfaced.  

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