The comments below were in response to the Feb. 16 editorial “The Mirror Endorses Duggan for FUSA President.”

I think the Mirror should care that Duggan’s “biggest achievement” in FUSA was neither his idea and almost failed because he didn’t do enough (he was bailed out by the rest of FUSA).
If he can’t run one small event, you really think thats beside the point and that he’ll be just stellar running ALL of FUSA?
Kyle Duggan is garbage, so is the Mirror- they only endorsed Duggan to spite FUSA.


Typical FUSA response, bash the Mirror for taking a stand. Meanwhile you think that the Mirror has an anti-FUSA feeling simply because they do not agree 100% with the current members attitudes and want to see a change. Duggan can do a lot for Fairfield and if FUSA wasn’t becoming such an exclusive clique, you could see that.

-‘Kyle for Prez’

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