Such a beautiful dream…when Mason Ramsey, also known as Yodel Boy, went from singing in his local Walmart to becoming the center of the social media universe. For those who haven’t heard his iconic performance, a video of Ramsey went viral yodelling “Lovesick Blues” by Hank Williams. We don’t know if it was his sheer passion for the song, his musical talent or his fresh cowboy boots that won over social media, but he did. The video was instantly remixed and he was made into a meme faster that you can sing “daaaaeeeeAAAddyyy.” His fifteen minutes are lasting quite a long time.

A mere three weeks ago, Ramsey was sharing his love for this song and experiencing many milestones from taking a ride on his first airplane to performing at Coachella alongside Post Malone. According to his interview with Ellen Degeneres, before his festival days he used to sing at Walmart quite frequently. A self-described “country boy,” his go to hang out spot is a bale of hay with a straw in his mouth. He loves yodelling and believes he is better than his grandfather, who taught him the tricks of the trade. His biggest dream is to perform at the Grand Ole Opry, go to college and move to Florida. Ellen, being her usual generous self, gave him the opportunity to perform at the Grand Ole Opry and gifted him a $15,000 scholarship to college on behalf of Walmart.

While his charisma and talent are undeniable, how do internet sensations catch such fire so quickly? It seems like forever, but Yodel Boy has only been in the limelight for three weeks. Will he burn out like his predecessors? Or will he stand the test of time and continue to sing at the Grand Ole Opry long past his Florida days?

Ramsey’s fame has clearly escalated this month, but what exactly about him appealed to the masses and brought him from a Walmart in Illinois to Coachella performing just hours before Beyoncé? The real question is why hasn’t our Editorial Board caught the attention of the media. In particular, why hasn’t our managing editor, Deanna Carbone, become famous yet? We will have to see if she leaves us for her own fifteen minutes next semester, but we are sure she will make time in her busy schedule for us. As we hope you do! Ciao for now — see you in September!

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