Out with the old, in with the new! We would like to congratulate the new Mirror Staff and introduce what we have planned as your 2018-2019 Editorial Board. But first, thank you to the old staff for their continued confidence in us and for trusting us with these leadership positions — despite the (many) errors we made during our first year as writers. We have big shoes to fill and we don’t plan on letting our loyal fans down. We hope to retain the old camaraderie of the office that made us all work so well together, while embracing the newfound absence of staff members that continuously missed deadlines (cough, Juliana). After all, we would love to leave the office on Tuesday nights before midnight or even before the sun rises — we know the latter is a more realistic expectation. With two former Vine Editors on Editorial Board, we hope to both spread creativity to all of the sections of the newspaper and to encourage all staff members to find their own voice and creative flare. As the environmental enthusiasts we all are, another one of our goals is to reduce the amount of print issues — which you have probably noticed collecting dust around campus, specifically in front of the Mirror Office door where Fairfield staff and students have been piling them up, quite possibly to try to trap us in here all week long rather than just Monday and Tuesday nights — and draw more attention to our online edition, which can be found at fairfieldmirror.com. Come on Stags, it’s the 21st Century, start following us on social media! We hope to provide you with immediate, groundbreaking news, and the best way to do so is via our social media accounts on Instagram, Twitter and even old-time Facebook. Can’t believe how cool we are? Come write for us! We want more students to be involved so we can get as many student voices as possible and write about topics the student body is interested in (so if you ever have any suggestions, just shoot us an e-mail). No need to be afraid of us — our EIC is only 4-foot-9. Lastly, we hope to strengthen our relationships with various offices i.e. FUSA, Marketing and Res Life, who all help to make Fairfield University the home we know and love. We look forward to seeing what this year has in store.

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