Siena College—a school with 3,379 students and yet over 6,000 fans at their basketball games. Fairfield University—a school with 4,164 students and well not so many fans.

Not only is their number of fans startling—it’s the quality. Siena fans are loud, on their feet waving balloons, with their faces and even their chests painted in green and yellow.

Out of the typical 2,000 plus fans that show up at the Bridgeport arena, rarely are more than 200 of them Fairfield Students. Most are area residents and many are children. At times the opposing teams have louder fans than Fairfield.

So why does Siena College have such great support for their basketball program and Fairfield doesn’t?

Is it because the Siena Basketball teams are great? Wait. No, that can’t be it—there not. Although the men’s team did go on to win the MAAC they were ranked no. 7. Yes folks no. 7—that’s one below the Fairfield men’s no. 6 ranking. So our teams aren’t the greatest—but neither is The Grape and you still go there. Is it because the arena is so far away? Less than ten minutes down the road can’t be that much to ask. Come on now what about those beer runs you take to NY?

Maybe it costs too much? But then again you pay $7.00 for a one-way cab ride to the beach. The arena shuttle is free! Plus they offer free shirts and other giveaways.

I know, it must be that you have to study. Now that would be a reasonable excuse for the weekday games, but what about Thursday night or the weekend? I’ve been to the library weekend nights—there are barely 20 people there. Try again.

Are the games too boring for you? Although there have been games where we’ve either won or lost by large margins many of our games are come from behind victories—now that’s much more exciting than playing snood for the 1,432nd time.

So what is it? I guess you could just chalk it up to that good ole Fairfield University apathy. But why? Basketball games are actually quite fun. I mean where else could you paint your face with a big FU on it and scream FU at people without getting in trouble?

Although the season is over for this year, there will be plenty of opportunity to show your support next year. So get out there, wear red, chant FU, and act like idiots ( I know you’re capable of that).

Oh and while you’re at it—why don’t you support the band, the cheerleaders, and the dance team.

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