Q: From a personal standpoint, what made you choose Fairfield back in 2014?

A: The campus really attracted me to Fairfield. It is really small, so you can walk everywhere. Additionally, there are not a lot of students and the classes are small so you can get to know your teachers well.


Q: From a lacrosse perspective, what did you see in Fairfield that you did not see in the other schools that recruited you?

A: It had to be the coaching staff. They are all younger guys so they make practice fun. Everybody on the team is cool, so it is like you have 40 brothers. Also, they are ranked in the top 20 every year, they are competitive.


Q: Was being able to play with your high school teammate Sam Gindhart ‘19 a big part of your decision?

A: He is actually probably the reason I came here. He gave the coach my name in the first place and then he came to see me play.


Q: Quite a talented group of fellow freshmen you have, what do you think makes this bunch able to make an immediate impact on the program?

A: A lot of freshmen are getting a lot of playing time early. A bunch of kids have gotten some points on the board in the first couple games, so we are looking for the freshman to receive many opportunities this year.


Q: As for you, what would you say are your individual goals for the season?

A: My goal would probably be to be on the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference All-Rookie Team. If I could be Rookie of the Year in the conference, that would be incredible too. But most of all, I am looking to capture a Colonial Athletic Association Championship this year.


Q: Playing alongside players like Colin Burke ‘19 and Charlie Horning ‘18, what have you been able to learn from the two that has helped you develop your own game?

A: Colin Burke is an amazing player who makes everything easier, he is always drawing slides to make others open. Charlie has great vision and always looks inside for the pass that will lead to an easy goal.


Q: Out of the 40 brothers you have on the team, who would you say is the Fairfield funny man and why?

A: [Senior] Matt Borda is probably the funniest guy on the team. He is always having a good time and loves to have fun and joke around.

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