Q: How do you feel about this season as a senior captain?

LR: It’s a lot of responsibility but I mean I have a lot of help so that’s good. We have a lot of help from the juniors and the rest of the seniors so it’s a team effort, but again it’s an honor. I’m glad my team respects me enough.


Q: How do you look to lead this team, especially the underclassmen?

LR: Well we’re going to need a lot of help from the underclassmen because we have so much strength down there. It’s just going to be a big team effort, everyone working together using different people’s strengths.


Q: As a member of the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference All-Academic team, how important are academics compared to your play on the field?

LR: I think that’s huge for the entire team. I know our coach puts academics first for student-athletes before athletes-students so classroom comes first; that’s basically the big thing.


Q: What are your expectations this season?

LR: Win a MAAC Championship, that simple.


Q: It being your senior year, how do you want to end your career?

LR: Just having fun, enjoying every moment. Leaving everything out on the field, ending it with a big win.

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