Over the course of the past year, Fairfield students, athletes, fans and visitors have come to Conway Field at Rafferty Stadium and left supremely impressed. The spectacular sports venue is certainly regarded as one of the most magnificent facilities in the area. The Major League Lacrosse administration took notice of the rave reviews stemming from fans and players about the lacrosse locale and are now planning to have one of the 2016 MLL Semi-Finals played at Rafferty on August 13.

The 3,500 seat state-of-the-art stadium boasts the most cutting edge sound and light system, as well as a sleek FieldTurf playing field that allows for the game to be played at the highest level. The venue shows Fairfield’s commitment to its lacrosse programs, as well as its strong relationship with the lacrosse-loving community in the tri-state area.

David Gross, the commissioner of the MLL, views the opportunity to play a game with such meaningfulness in Fairfield as a chance to increase the affinity young boys and girls have for the sport of lacrosse and promote the MLL further.

When making an official statement announcing the playoff sites he said, “Having our Semi-Finals in southern Connecticut and Minnesota gives us a great opportunity to expand our brand and provide lacrosse fans the chance to see the best players in the world compete for an opportunity to play in the Championship Game for the Steinfeld Trophy.”

Last years Semi-Finals were played in Hempstead, N.Y. at James M. Shuart Stadium and Columbus, O.H. at Mapfre Stadium with each site drawing solid crowds on which the MLL plans to build on this year. Rafferty does pale in comparison to the size of Shaurt and Mapfre Stadium; however, as they hold 11,929 and 19,968 fans respectively. With that said, Connecticut has served as a hotbed for both high school and collegiate lacrosse for decades now, and Rafferty is sure to attract plenty of fans for this year’s contest.

Moreover, the Fairfield community is pleased to have the game played here as well. “Fairfield University is honored to host an MLL Semi-Final Game on Conway Field at Rafferty Stadium,” said Director of Athletics Gene Doris. “We look forward to welcoming MLL fans to our campus and showcasing our premier facility.”

Fairfield is undoubtedly excited to show the MLL what Rafferty is really like on game day come August 13. The MLL Semi-Final will surely be a much anticipated game that will advertise the athletic excellence Fairfield has devoted itself to. This goes to show how revered Rafferty is among the nation’s feverish lacrosse population.

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