Q: How do you both feel about your performances at the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference Championships?

KB: I was satisfied with my performance but I was not ecstatic. The course was a lot hillier than any course we have ran this year. There was good energy from the team and as a whole we ran well.

SD: On the guys side, we were a little bit beat up and a little bit tired coming into the race but we had a good week of training coming into the race and we had a good taper. It all showed when everyone came out and ran their hearts out. For me personally, I had a good race strategy that I went out and executed. I could have been happier with my place but overall I think it was my best race of the season.


Q: Heading into the National Collegiate Athletic Association Northeast Regional Championships on Nov. 10, what are you expecting from an individual and team standpoint?

KB: Individually, I want to achieve a personal record. We have all been working so hard the whole season so if I am healthy and the whole team is healthy we can all peak in one of the last races.

SD: We have all had a good year heading into Regionals so I think we can all have a good race. Personally, I have heard the course is a little on the easier side and a little flatter so that should make for some good times. Overall, everyone has been building up to it and progressing nicely so hopefully we can hold onto the taper a little longer and carry over the momentum we had headed into MAACs into the Northeast Regional.


Q: Both being juniors on a young team, what is like being looked up to as leader?

KB: Part of a junior is being confident in the fact that you have done this for two years. It is tiring waking up early for meets but it is important to stay tough and know that you are held to a standard that you are a role model for the freshman and sophomore.

SD: Having only one senior, we did not really have a choice. All the juniors tend to be role models for the underclassmen and they all have done a really good job of setting an example. It is really an interesting experience going from that freshman and sophomore phase and going to that junior level and being role models. I am trying to carry the torch on from those before me and set a good example for the program and build a good culture here.


Q: To this point in your Fairfield careers, what can you say about your development from freshman to junior year?

KB: I have improved a lot in part because our team is really close and we hold each other accountable. The girls team as a whole has improved as we hold each other to a standard and have each other’s backs. The team fosters an environment where we can all improve and grow.

SD: Each year I have come into work harder and harder. It is tough because the rest of the MAAC has gotten really strong. It has been really good trying to build our culture of coming in and working as hard as you can each day. It is definitely a challenge but overall it has been rewarding seeing over the years I have progressed and improved.


Q: What has been your favorite memory this season to this point?

KB: The Lehigh race was a really good memory. I remember all the girls crossing the finish line and although we were really exhausted, we all got good times and there was a sense of hope and excitement there. All our hard work was paying off.

SD: From a running perspective, the Lehigh meet was a great memory; being able to go out there and run really good times against some great competition. But one of my favorite moments that does not have anything to do with running was this past weekend in Buffalo with the guys. Overnight trips are great. It was for team bonding as we got closer as a group, especially heading into a conference championship it is huge having good team chemistry.

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