Ask any member of the student body at Fairfield if they know where the golf team’s locker rooms are. Some might say the Walsh Athletic Center, but in reality neither the men’s or women’s golf teams have ever had a locker room at Fairfield, making them the only team on campus to not have a home. Until now.

Recently, Vic Peno ‘73 donated a large sum of money to the Stag golf program enabling the teams to open up an indoor studio in McAuliffe Hall. The program is refurbishing an old locker room, while also adding turf, a hitting net and a putting area to the space. Furthermore, a TrackMan will be instituted in the area, which is a state-of-the-art golf simulator. All in all, Fairfield’s new facility gives the players a leg up among other mid-major schools as they will soon boast some of the most impressive digs in the country.

As of now, head coach Doug Holub plans to unveil the new facility during Alumni and Family Weekend, which begins on Friday, Oct. 20 and runs through Sunday, Oct. 22.

Not to be forgotten, Holub and his players have taken a huge step up in terms of the quality of the course they practice and play on as Fairfield recently partnered with Brooklawn Country Club in Fairfield as their new home course.

“Brooklawn is a top-10 course in Connecticut,” Holub said. “We are one of the only universities in the state that have a home course that is in the top-10. The course is only two and a half miles from here which is also big.”

Holub knows that a new course just a few miles away enables the head man the opportunity to better his recruiting efforts.

“If a student is here on a tour they can very easily drive five minutes and meet me on the veranda at Brooklawn,” Holub said. “We can look out at the course and talk about the wonderful future. This is definitely helping us attract better players and that is all that anybody wants. This is a championship-level golf course. For the first time we feel like we actually have a place that is our home.”

Fairfield golf is undoubtedly on the rise. With a fresh studio for the players to have their own locker rooms and practice family in addition to their partnership with a renowned club in Brooklawn, the Stags are in position to take their reputation to the next level.

In the end, Holub says it best. “These two things that have happened in the past year are going to increase our value to really good players who want to come play golf for us.”

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