Feelings were riding high for Fairfield’s field hockey team coming into this season, after they lost last year by a goal and finished second in the NEC Championship Game.

The team carried that small success over to the season opener by defeating UMass 2-1 in Amherst, Mass.

Since then, however, the team has played well, but has slipped somewhat, losing four straight games by one goal, two of them in overtime.

Head Coach Jackie Kane said she doesn’t feels the girls are keeping close to top programs and have experienced a few bad breaks.

Northwestern smoked us last year, and we gave them a run for their money. For St. Joes, we lost our starting C.M [Center Midfielder] , Nicole Mazzocchi in the first half of the Northwestern game,” said Kane,

“We were, and still are, adjusting our formation.”

Goalkeeper Liz Thomas, ’08, said she agrees,

“This part of our schedule is supposed to be the hardest,” she said.

“The past five games have been all non-conference teams and we are building on each game to prepare ourselves to dominate in the NEC.”

Both Kane and Thomas have their sights set on the NEC and feel the team can achieve it again.

The team hosted Hofstra on Wednesday at 3:00pm and will host Quinnipiac on Friday at 4:00pm..

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