Before coming to Fairfield, you spent some time playing for Leicester City Women’s Football Club. Can you tell me about that experience?


AM:Playing for Leicester was a big step up from the junior side because I played for under 17, it was a huge step, with a lot of physicality and then the age gap as well. You can just turn 17 and can play against people that were 27 or 28, you know, 10 years on me. It was intense because we didn’t play in a league system for the under 17’s but then we went straight into the league and we had cups, so it’s a lot more competitive.


Why did you decide to come to Fairfield University?


AM: The location is fantastic, near the beach. I’ve got family and friends in White Plains near New York. When I came for my visit I just fell in love with this place. It’s phenomenal; I’ve got lots of exciting opportunities.


How has the adjustment been from playing overseas to here in the States?


AM: Fitness is a lot higher over here. Obviously we don’t have overtime in England unless it’s a cup match, so when we get to a tie at the end of the match you’ve really got to find that extra boost of energy to keep yourself going. I remember playing Binghamton and I had literally nothing left in the tank with three minutes left and I managed to score the winner. I was just so happy to score but at the same time I was so relieved that the game had finished.

You guys started the season in Hawaii, how was it like being out there with your team?


AM: It was probably the best experience of my life. I had such a nice time, it was a beautiful place, the weather was gorgeous and nothing really like England, so very hot. Pearl Harbor, the beaches, the culture, it was phenomenal it was really, really good.


How would you describe the season thus far?


AM: I’d say we’re doing really well. A few hiccups on the road but we’re definitely working on them and trying to better ourselves every practice. We’re just working hard, we’re really, really trying. It’s good we’ve beaten records already from last year and we still have a lot to come.


As a freshman on the team, what would you say your job is?


AM: Other than laundry? To score goals.


You guys are currently 2-3 in conference play. How do you like your team’s start?


AM: It was a great start; the win against Siena was huge and then we kept it going against Iona. Slightly disappointed at the weekend against Rider, the score didn’t reflect the match. It really could have gone either way, we got a goal that was disallowed that would have put us at equal so that was quite tough but unfortunately we can’t win everything but we’ll definitely try.   


With more Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference games to come how do you guys keep the momentum going?


AM: Just move on to the next one and try to learn from our mistakes but move on basically.

What do you have to do individually to help this team get wins?


AM: To score goals; that’s our main objective just to score as well as assist but I don’t mind either way.


What are your expectations for the rest of the season?


AM: Good standings in the MAAC would be fantastic and then posing a good place for the tournament in Florida. I’m just really excited for what’s to come.


What can you say about all the support your teammates and coaches have given you?
AM: It’s a lot more specific than back home, we train everyday, we have weight sessions, stretching it’s a lot more professional I would say. I get along really well with my whole team and coaches. One of my coaches still is a striker and he’s phenomenal, he’s got every technique absolutely spot on so I like working with him a lot on shooting techniques and honestly I would just watch him but I’ve learned a lot already but I’ve got a lot more to learn.

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