As seasons change, so do intramural sports. Now that it is officially spring, intramural softball, the most popular intramural sport, is finally here.

Sunday marked opening day for softball with the co-ed divisions competing at Barlow Field in the afternoon.

“I love how the start of the intramural softball season coincided with opening day of the major league baseball season,” said Mike Brooks ’08.

Like many others, Brooks said he does not consider whatever the Red Sox and Athletics did in Japan to be of any significance.

Baseball is America’s game and should be played on American soil.

That being said, the intramural softball season got off to a great start, perhaps partly due to the intramural staff calling each team to remind them of their games.

The sunny, low 40 degree day certainly did not hurt either.

The day down at Barlow was a fun-filled affair for guys and girls alike.

A few teams showed up wearing the same color T-shirts, plenty of girls wore high socks and players on both teams had no problem sharing gloves with their opponents.

The lack of fences provided plenty of error-induced round trippers and infielders were on edge every time the ball was hit to them for fear of experiencing an ever classic “Barlow hop.”

One of the winning co-ed B teams, Staff Infection, manned by intramural staff members had an impressive start, winning its first game 21-4.

The day and night games on the turf were a bit more competitive. Alumni Field, normally a pitcher’s park, saw plenty of softballs take off into orbit.

The fences in left and left center had been brought in a little this year because of the set up of the lacrosse nets along the endzone – but all of the home runs that were hit cleared last year’s fence as well.

Perhaps it was the new balls, the cold air, or maybe teams are juicing; the long ball is certainly going to be a major factor this season.

To date, it looks like the Sal Ciacco Memorial All-Stars are the team to beat in the men’s A division.

While softball is the headliner, there are also other Intramural sports that have gotten underway this spring.

Men’s 7 on 7 lacrosse has become a staple of Thursday nights on Alumni Field, arena football is growing in popularity with its exciting atmosphere on Monday nights, and the dodgeball finals, which will be played this week, are expected to send the winning team to a regional tournament in New Haven.

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