Johnny Manziel won the Heisman Trophy as the star quarterback for the Texas A&M Aggies. Afterwards, he was drafted by the Cleveland Browns in the 2014 NFL draft and was expected to turn the franchise around the second he arrived. Things had an unfortunate way of working out though, as Manziel played in only 14 games in two seasons for the Browns and produced only seven touchdowns and equally seven interceptions.

The main problem for Manziel was his alcohol addiction. Manziel was arrested during his redshirt freshman year, accused of disorderly conduct of fighting, failure to identify himself to the police and having a fake ID. Manziel also attended rehab for alcohol for a few months in 2015 to try to clean himself up, but it didn’t work.

Manziel then got in trouble for a domestic violence charge against his girlfriend, which caused him to be cut from the Browns in March of 2016. The world came crashing down quick for Manziel and after the 2015 NFL season it seemed like he would never have the chance to recover. This week in an interview with ABC News, he announced he’s making yet another comeback to the NFL, saying that he is going to play in the Spring League Scouting Event in Austin, Texas. He also mentioned how throughout his process of depression during college and the NFL, he thought that alcohol could cure the pain and make everything go away but then every morning he would wake up and realize he was still lonely and that his liquid confidence had gone away from the night before.

According to Manziel, he isn’t drinking anymore and is fully-focused on his comeback to the NFL. Junior John Gargana reflected on Manziel’s comeback, saying, “Now that he has his drinking problem under control and has been practicing extensively, I believe that he has a very realistic chance at a successful comeback.”

There are rumors that Manziel may sign with a Canadian Football League team, but only time will tell and shape his journey back to his goal which is, of course, being a starting quarterback again in the NFL.

His downfall was devastating, but the most important factor is to see how he bounces back from here. The new chapter for Johnny Manziel starts now and hopefully he can wipe away all of his past disappointment with some success in the future.


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