Peter Caty/The Mirror

Peter Caty/The Mirror

Andrew Simone: So how long have you been a mascot?
Dave Hughes: This will be my third year. I did two years in high school and now this is my first year [as a] freshman in college.

AS: Where were you when you were the mascot before and what was the mascot?
DH: I was at B.C. High. It’s very similar to Fairfield Prep and we were the Eagles, the mighty Eagles.

AS: What did the Eagle do?
DH: He was a bird of prey, so if we had any rats in the gym, it was my duty to catch them, eat them and leave their remains in the trash.

Frank Romano: How did you become the Fairfield Stag? Were there mascot auditions?
DH: There were not, actually. One of my friends [from high school] actually got me the job. He’s the [freshmen] class president, Charlie Knights. He asked me if I wanted to be the mascot and I said, ‘Give it to me; I’ll do it.’

FR: Where do you see your mascot career going? I hear there are national competitions
DH: To be honest, I see myself going pro. My ultimate goal would be to be Lucky the Leprechaun at the Celtics game, but who knows in this crazy world where this could be going with me. I could be on ‘Saturday Night Live,’ I could be homeless. What I’d actually like to do is be a high school teacher. If I could get into show business, that would be my ultimate dream. But since that might be unrealistic, teaching is my fallback.

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