Men’s soccer: Best team on campus?

Chris Simmons: Of course, plus a lot of them have cool British accents.

Tom Cleary: Men’s soccer is not only the best team on campus, it’s the best team ever to play at Fairfield.

Keith Connors: A defending MAAC champ that has its core returning? That’s a yes.

Better shot at a MAAC run: Women’s soccer or volleyball?

Chris Simmons: Volleyball is to the MAAC what A-Rod is to clutch. Women’s soccer has played a tough schedule and should have a shot.

Tom Cleary: Volleyball, but it’s going to be tough for either team to do it.

Keith Connors: No offense to the lady’s soccer team, but the volleyball women made a nice run last year and are still hungry.

If I had to pick between basketball or field hockey …

Chris Simmons: Basketball, I don’t think I’d look good in field hockey’s uniforms, although the girls sure do.

Tom Cleary: Basketball. I really don’t understand field hockey, is there even any hitting?

Keith Connors: It’s hard to pass up hitting people. But I’d probably still be ballin’.

Favorite Bailey(s): Sam or Irish Cream?

Chris Simmons: Sam. Britian used to own Ireland.

Tom Cleary: Sam Bailey is the best soccer player EVER, but Irish things are always great.

Keith Connors: Based on the awful way my St. Paddy’s Day ended last year, I’d probably say … Sam.

Fall toss-up: Playoff baseball or the NFL?

Chris Simmons: Unfortunately, the O’s are going to miss again. For now, the Ravens await Festivus Maxiumus.

Tom Cleary: Nothing beats playoff baseball, the atmosphere is amazing. I can’t wait.

Keith Connors: I’m a Yankee Fan. Playoff baseball is like going back to school: it happens every year.

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