1. Stick a fork in Men’s Lax?

Dan Akeson: Not yet. It’s still too early and the guys have shown that they can come back. Then again, it’s going to be a tough ride.

Mary Therese Church: They lost two games. It’s not like their season is over.

James Thompson: I want to see what they can do against the heart of their schedule. I’d like to see some fireworks against top ranked teams in the nation.

2. Women’s Basketball Head Coach: Anytime Soon?

Dan Akeson: Probably not. However, there’s no reason to really rush it. The NCAAs are winding down, and it’s going to take time to find a candidate to replace an icon.

Mary Therese Church: No way. They’ll hoard the information and sneak a surprise attack on us in September.

James Thompson: Can’t really say that I care (just yet). NHL playoffs, baseball starting up and intramural softball are all I have time to obe thinking about right now.

3. Is baseball scarier on the field or Facebook?

Dan Akeson: I don’t do Facebook, but a team has to have some long term success before they can start posting threats on writers’ walls. Grow up and learn to pitch.

Mary Therese Church: Oh immature freshman. We really just sat in The Mirror office and laughed about the fact that the freshmen got attacked via Facebook, that’s one for the records.

James Thompson: The fact that they feel the need to threaten our freshman via Faebook is an even bigger joke than their past few seasons. Don’t read your own press buddy.

4. NHL Playoffs: Who’s your team?

Dan Akeson: The Rangers are the hottest team in the NHL right now, and it’s theirs to lose. Besides, what’s better for the NHL than successful hockey in New York?

Mary Therese Church: Avalanche are out, which means I’ll just root for the underdogs.

James Thompson: My team name is Martin Brodeur.

5. Easter or Passover?

Dan Akeson: Passover at least makes sense. An Easter Bunny can’t match up with Jesus’ resurrection. Besides, do they even make a chocolate Jesus?

Mary Therese Church: Despite the fact that Easter has come from celebrating the resurrection of Jesus to bunnies being able to lay eggs… I’m still going to have to go with Easter.

James Thompson: We “misplaced” an egg at my aunt’s house once and it was fantastic (for us, not her). Easter every time. True story.

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