1. Who is hotter? Men’s or Women’s Lacrosse?

Dan Akeson: A 5-0 team who’s one of the top in the country versus a bunch of girls hitting each other in short skirts. Don’t make me choose.

Mary Therese Church: Women’s just got the jump start they needed and I think in the MAAC they’ll be killer … but 5-0? Men are a little hotter right now (just on the field).

James Thompson: The men are hot…I say this in a completely heterosexual way. The women are hot… I say this in a completely heterosexual way.

2. Can Fairfield Baseball recover?

Dan Akeson: Sure. Just as Barry Bonds never did steroids, Mark McGwire will get in the Hall of Fame and El Duque truly isn’t 100 years old.

Mary Therese Church: All I have to say … new coach.

James Thompson: How man “rebuilding” years are they allowed to have in a row?

3. Sweet 16: TV show or Basketball?

Dan Akeson: Arrogant, stuck up snobby bitches. Then again, so is Bob Knight.

Mary Therese Church: If the Sweet 16 show were in tournament form then we’d be in business.

James Thompson: Speant the break abroad in the U.K. watching boring cricket and soccer. Pumped for a little hoops now that I’m back in the States.

4. Should they expand the March Madness field?

Dan Akeson: Why not? Let’s just make it this massive tournament that lasts three months and everyone gets in, taking all of the allure out of the regular season.

Mary Therese Church: If you think about it, it doesn’t really matter. I mean the best team is always going to win. So go ahead, give more colleges funding for making the tournament.

James Thompson: No.

5. Best Spring Break memory?

Dan Akeson: I had a break? Oh wait! Editor in Chief Ben Doody: who platooned with Steve Shields for the Bruins? (And watch out for that puddle).

Mary Therese Church: Florence, Venice and Amsterdam….

James Thompson: Peeping a brawl in a pub over a football match between some rowdy English blokes. Brilliant!

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