1. Stand out performer of the weekend?

Dan Akeson: Sabra Wrice ’08 was absolutely unbelieveable. I couldn’t believe how dominant she was.

Mary Therese Church: 29 points in one game, my vote’s for Sabra.

James Thompson: Sabra, fantastic. Shake, phenomenal. But the stand out performance goes to Manuel, who sold me the Bud Light. Nice work.

2. Biggest surprise of the MAAC?

Dan Akeson: When Fairfield basketball loses, is that ever a surprise? I was surprised how many people went though.

Mary Therese Church: The women’s team losing to Siena, I was rooting for you girls.

James Thompson: Biggest surprise was us playing in the MAAC Tournament.

3. Biggest dissapointment of the MAAC?

Dan Akeson: I wanted to see Cooley brawl. He had enough reasons between the Loyola coaches and sub-par referees.

Mary Therese Church: That the games weren’t played on campus.

James Thompson: Biggest disappointment was we couldn’t win the big one in “our house.” Also, they stopped selling booze after the half.

4. What was the funniest MAAC weekend story?

Dan Akeson: When Chris “Casper” Simmons walked in front of the camera during Bridgeport Mayor John Fabrizi’s interview.

Mary Therese Church: When Hutch flipped someone off.

James Thompson: What happens at the MAAC Tournament, stays at the MAAC Tournament.

5.Would you rather hit: A Marist Fan or Loyola Head Coach?

Dan Akeson: Loyola Head Coach Jimmy Patsos. Grow up.

Mary Therese Church: Neither, I wanted to hit the drunken kid that was throwing up.

James Thompson: Both at once. A roundhouse kick to the face, Chuck Norris style.

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