1. Best Super Bowl Commercial

Dan Akeson: A hamster beating on a mouse. Classic. That was the only decent commercial.

Mary Therese Church: The commercials were about as good as Prince’s halftime performance.

James Thompson: Rock, paper, scissors. You throw paper. I throw a rock. I win. Bud Lights all around.

2. Higher seed: Men’s or Women’s Basketball?

Dan Akeson: The men are making a nice push, but it’s all about the women this year, as has been my experience with the opposite sex my entire life.

Mary Therese Church: Women. Hands down.

James Thompson: Do either play on campus?

3. Thoughts on Spam Jam:

Dan Akeson: I hate Spam and the only jamming occurs when Dave Matthews takes to Madison Square Garden. Who cares anymore? Fairfield is on alcohol lock down.

Mary Therese Church: Amazing! I can’t wait to drink with freshmen in a “beer garden” in the Quad…Not.

James Thompson: Let’s just drink in my basement and call it a night. I’ll bring the beers. I’ll bring the beers.

4. Snow: Yay or Nay?

Dan Akeson: I love snow, but the possibility of it is fading faster than my beloved Rangers’ playoff hopes.

Mary Therese Church: How about I just ship the five feet of snow that’s in my Colorado backyard?

James Thompson: If it’s this cold, it might as well be snowing. Either way I’m looking forward to spring and intramural softball.

5. Mamadou Diakhate or Dikembe Mutombo?

Dan Akeson: I can’t pronounce either well. However, saying Van Schaick still makes me sound like an idiot.

Mary Therese Church: Mamadou just sounds better.

James Thompson: Mamadou Diakhate is definitely more fun to say, but I love Mutombo’s blocked -shot celebration.

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