1. R-Fed or Tiger?

Dan Akeson: I love Tiger, but Federer has been so damn dominant. Not losing a set in the Australian Open? Tough to argue.

Mary Therese Church: Federer all the way. Yes Tiger is good at what he does, but there is no denying that Federer has been dominant and its time for him to get some recognition.

James Thompson: Tiger ’07 for Playstation 3 is currently dominating my life right now so I’ve got to give him my vote.

2. Bigger draw: Men’s Lax or Basketball

Dan Akeson: Men’s lacrosse is going to continue and be a bigger student draw until basketball returns to campus. Besides, the ECAC is tops when it comes to lacrosse.

Mary Therese Church: Lacrosse… are you seriously asking this question?

James Thompson: Do either play on campus?

3. What will you do after the NFL season?

Dan Akeson: Continue watching the NHL. NFL is fun, but NHL is faster and much more entertaining. Besides, I am sick of hearing about fines and arrests by stupid athletes.

Mary Therese Church: I will start by being bored throughout all of February and then… two words: March Madness.

James Thompson: You think I’m going to watch meaningless mid-season basketball or hockey? Let’s pray for March Madness and then a little baseball.

4. Gene Doris: Keeper or throw it back?

Dan Akeson: I am always a fan of bringing in new blood (Cooley is a successful example), but the programs have made great progress so it is tough to fire a man that succeeds.

Mary Therese Church: He has done a lot for the program and athletics has really improved, but it’s time for a new face and a new attitude in FU sports.

James Thompson: If he were a 50 lb. striped bass, I would keep him. Otherwise, send him back to the Sound.

5. Scholarships for academics or athletics?

Dan Akeson: Neither. I am all about rewarding accomplishments, but you can’t give preferential treatment. Everyone is a student here regardless of how you got here.

Mary Therese Church: Wait, Fairfield gives scholarships?

James Thompson: Let’s give scholarships for intramural athletes. The real gym jocks.

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