1. Better playoffs: NBA or NHL?

Dan Akeson: How dare you ask! The Knicks are on the way out, therefore the NBA playoffs are inconsequential. However, let’s go Rangers!

Mary Therese Chruch:Do people still watch the NBA?

James Thompson:Do either play on campus?

2. Softball: Will they win the MAAC?

Dan Akeson: Probably not. However, that is not an insult. It’s a competitive league and the Stags fare better without the pressure of first place.

Mary Therese Chruch: Tough call, I think they have a better chance next year.

James Thompson: When do they play on campus?

3. What happened to Men’s Lax?

Dan Akeson: They started playing good teams.

Mary Therese Chruch: I wasn’t aware that they left.

James Thompson: They stopped playing on campus.

4. More Racist: Don Imus or Michael Ray Richardson?

Dan Akeson: I prefer my racists more well-rounded. Imus hates everyone and people love it. Richardson only hates Jews. Ignorance all around.

Mary Therese Chruch: Well, anything qualifies as racism now-a-days, but Richardson probably takes the cake.

James Thompson: Both would fit in on campus.

5. AP Style for “Nappy Headed Hoes”?

Dan Akeson: I think the better question would be how to define an overrated, overpaid, white Southern racist disc jockey. Don Imus? But he’s got a ranch, so it’s OK.

Mary Therese Chruch: I like Nappy Roots … the band that is.

James Thompson: Not many on the campus.

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