After watching seven straight hours of NFL action this Sunday, by the end of the night I realized Week 6 showed that certain teams were incorrectly put on a pedestal while others proved they are forces to be reckoned with. For example, I have never seen anything quite like Tom Brady’s 5 touchdown performance in the second quarter of the Patriots-Titans rout in the snow. He was close as you can get to being perfect and the record setting victory will give New England some much needed confidence. Meanwhile, the New York Jets lost an overtime heart breaker to the Buffalo Bills. New York’s defense and rushing game was impressive, but as long as quarterback March Sanchez is throwing interceptions like its his job, the Jets will struggle against solid defensive teams. Over in the NFC, we found out that the New York Giants are not the premier team in the conference. In their loss against the Saints, Eli Manning lost his accuracy when pressured consistently; and the secondary got torn up by Drew Brees and the explosive New Orleans offense. The Giants had been beating up on bad teams recently and now we know they will need to improve in order to keep this well-round Saints team out of the Super Bowl. Lastly, we can’t forget the Minnesota Vikings and Brett Favre, who has been slicing up defenses with his accuracy. With Favre playing at this level and having the luxury of top running back Adrian Peterson to hand the ball too, the Vikings have established themselves as one of the league’s best teams. Who knows what the coming weeks have in store, but NFL fans should know every Sunday they should be glued to the couch to take in the excitement.

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