Playoff season in the National Football League has shocked me this last month. If you have been following any of the games recently you know that the level of drama has been incredibly high, with a lot of very close games and shocking eliminations. If you had asked me a month ago who would be in the Super Bowl my answer would not have included the Los Angeles Rams or the Cincinnati Bengals but here we are. 

I really feel like this game could go either way, but I have a really good feeling about the Rams. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Joe Burrow, and I have been writing about how much I love him for years in this very paper.  However, the unstoppable duo of Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford and receiver Cooper Kupp is looking too good to pass up on. Stafford is consistent in finding a variety of receivers including Van Jefferson, and their offensive game is looking impressive. Throughout the playoffs, this team has shown that they have the versatility to find creative solutions and I was really surprised at how well they have carried themselves throughout the postseason. They have also continued to look great under pressure, with Stafford throwing two straight 300-yard passing games in the playoffs. 

They have continued to surprise and delight me, especially in their most recent game against the San Francisco 49ers. The Rams are bringing a massive level of offensive power to the game, with a huge pass-rush advantage over the Bengals. The defense is not looking bad either. The Bengals have given up 51 QB sacks this season, so I think that whether or not the Rams’ defense looked good, Burrow has something to worry about. 

To me, both of these teams have such great stories and teams, that if either of them were to win, I would be so happy. Again, as much as I want Joe Burrow to have everything he has ever dreamed of, my mind is telling me that The Los Angeles Rams are taking home the trophy. 

Score Prediction: 30-23, Rams 



Wow. Wow. Wow. That’s the only word that comes to mind during this season’s iteration of the NFL playoffs. We’ve found ourselves at the last stop of the journey, which sees the LA Rams facing off against the Cincinnati Bengals. Both teams have fought so hard to get where they are now and I can’t wait to spend my entire Feb. 13 with my eyes glued to the TV watching them duke it out.

To start, both teams for me are absolutely lovable organizations. Matthew Stafford, the Rams quarterback, has been one of my favorite players to watch growing up, and Odell Beckham Jr. at receiver makes me realize he now has the chance to get a ring that he never had with the Cleveland Browns.

However, I really think (and really hope, as well) that the Bengals win the Super Bowl. I feel like everyone in the country has become a massive fan of Joe Burrow, the Bengals’ young and charismatic quarterback out of Louisiana State University… myself included. Growing up, the Bengals were really never anything special, but it seems like, with the youthful fire this Bengals team has with Ja’Marr Chase, Joe Burrow and even Tee Higgins, there is no doubt in my mind that this is the year for them to take it home.

Granted, the youthful nature of the Bengals could also be seen as a lack of experience, but since they have been absolutely steamrolling through some amazing teams in this playoff, I think they have already gained enough experience that they need to topple Stafford and his Rams. 

I’m now going to go ahead and make a prediction about the game: I think it will be a blowout. I don’t think it’s going to be close at all. Each of the last six playoff games has been stressfully close, with some even going into overtime to settle the score. Both teams, I believe, have been storing up their offensive star power until now, and both will attempt to unleash their best. Both quarterbacks have at least two really solid weapons at the receiver position, and knowing this, it will vastly outweigh any defensive battle in my eyes. Although the game could go in favor of either team, it’s probably going to be quite the high-scoring contest. 

I suppose we will see what happens next Sunday. This is probably the most excited I’ve ever been to watch a Super Bowl since it features a real underdog story in the Bengals versus a solid franchise in the Rams who have just so many ring-hungry players who will stop at nothing to get it done.

Score Prediction: 45-14, Bengals

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