As the Stags softball team prepares for their season, one player who is certainly more than ready to lead her team is Tori Reed ‘17. The season starts on Friday, Feb. 24 for the Stags and Reed has that date circled on her calendar. She could not contain her excitement when she talked about getting back on the field with her teammates.

“I am very excited for the upcoming season and I think we all are. With the upcoming season being a little over a week away, we are definitely ready to get outside and play on the dirt. We want to actually play the game like it’s supposed to be played,” said Reed.

For the starting backstop, Reed likes to keep it simple when it comes to her approach at the plate. For two years in a row, she posted a batting average over .300 so being a consistent force is a vital part to her success as a Stag.

“It’s all mental. Batting is so mental and anyone will tell you that. It’s all about keeping a positive mentality and I think that attitude correlates to any aspect of life. Knowing you can do it is one of the keys to a .300 plus batting average,” said the Dover, Md. native when talking about a possible third-straight year batting over .300.

Defense is another facet that Reed cares about deeply and she unquestionably knows the importance of a good defensive backstop. Last season, she did not commit a single error which is impressive given the fact she played in 50 games.

“I pride myself in my catching ability. It’s something I have always worked very hard at and since the catcher is pretty much the controller of the defense, I try to be as strong as I can be at all times. I know that my team is always relying on me, not to miss a wild pitch to let a runner advance,” said the senior.

Considering Reed was so consistent last year, she is not afraid to make adjustments throughout the season. She echoed the point of how softball is full of adjustments and scouting reports. “Every team we face has a scouting report on us so they know what our weaknesses are, always. Also, the scouting reports are going around and constantly being updated every game. The main thing is being able to adjust to not only the pitcher but also what your weaknesses are. The more you focus on your weaknesses at practice, the better you’ll get at it. It is 100 percent a game of adjustments,” said Reed.

As successful of a player Reed is, she does not lose sight of being a team player. She wants the best for her teammates and for everyone to play as a unit.

“I want us to stay together as a team. Whatever we are thrown during the season, I want the entire team to get better as a result. I just want our team to have a positive outlook throughout the season with it being a long, long season with over 50 games. If we keep that positive mindset, I think that is the best thing for us. When someone falls down, I want someone to be there to pick her up to get her back on track,” said Reed.

Since she is a stout defender and potent offensive force, Fairfield is in good hands when it comes to having a senior leader on the squad. Reed will be ready to get the season started off right when Fairfield heads down to Charlotte to face Robert Morris in the Green & White Tournament on Feb. 24.

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