When did you first gain an interest in lacrosse?

Casadonte: My dad played lacrosse in college at Albany and I have an older brother who always played lacrosse, so it was a family sport. My younger sister plays as well, so I started young.

Reda: My dad played lacrosse at the University of Virginia, so it was our main sport that we played when we were growing up. My older brother played and he got me started with it.


Do you have a favorite lacrosse moment?

Casadonte: Last year in our Wounded Warrior game. We beat Vermont which was a pretty big deal and was pretty exciting.

Reda: Beating Rutgers last weekend. We haven’t beaten them in my career since I’ve been here, and we beat them by one. Usually we’re on the losing end of a one goal game, so that was nice.


Who is your favorite professional athlete?

Casadonte: Probably Derek Jeter. Whenever he’s in the spotlight, it’s always for a positive reason, and he’s just awesome.

Reda: I’d probably say Alex Morgan. I think that we can relate to her. She’s a young woman athlete and she’s doing really well in soccer; and she’s fun to watch.


What celebrity would you hang out with if given the chance?

Casadonte: Blake Lively and her husband preferably, Ryan Reynolds.

Reda: I would pick Blake Lively or Carrie Underwood.


What is a fun fact about each other?

Casadonte: She has an addiction to dark chocolate. She has to eat dark chocolate every night before she goes to bed.

Reda: She’s really artsy and crafty. Anything on Pinterest, she can do. She makes all the creative things that need to be done for our team.


Who is the funniest teammate?

Reda: Probably Kaileen O’Donnell ‘17. She’s a character, she gets the whole team going, and gets everyone pumped for the games. She makes these hilarious one-liners.

Casadonte: I’d have to agree. She’s got a whole lot of personality.


What sport would you play if you couldn’t play lacrosse?

Casadonte: Soccer because I almost played soccer here. I was debating between playing both. I was originally going to play soccer in college, but I got recruited for lacrosse more, so I played lacrosse.

Reda: I’d pick soccer too, if I couldn’t play lacrosse.


What is your favorite thing to do with your spare time?

Casadonte: Relax. Napping doesn’t happen often, so whenever I can lay in my bed and watch a few TV shows, it’s a good day.

Reda: Probably just hang out with my friends. Since we live on the beach this year we’ll go on walks on the beach or something fun, just to do things that are relaxing.


What will you miss most as seniors?

Casadonte: Actually, I have a fifth year. I got hurt my sophomore year and redshirted, so I’m coming back and going to grad school next year and I’ll be able to play again. So, the thing I’ll miss the most is the girls my age. There are five of us currently and we all live together, and we’ve lived together since freshman year. We’re very close, so it’s going to be very hard not having the other four girls with me next year.

Reda: I think I’ll miss my teammates a lot and friends, but most importantly I’ll miss playing sports. I feel like all my life I’ve played them, so going into the real world and not having them as a part of my life anymore will be an adjustment.


What are your team predictions for this year?

Casadonte: To win the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference is our main goal. We just have to stay focused. Our team always sets these high expectations, and then we get in our own heads and let that get to us. I think if we all stay on the same page, we’ll have no problem getting to where we have tried to be.

Reda: To win the MAAC. This year we were ranked number three, so we want to be the underdogs. When we all have fun together, we play a lot better, so we’re trying to keep a positive environment going.

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