The Fairfield University baseball team pulled off an impressive sweep of Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference Foes, the St. Peter’s Peacocks. Including some previous mid-week action against Central Connecticut and UMass, the Stags moved their overall record to 16-17 and their conference record to 8-1.

Following a stretch of dominance leading up to this weekend’s matchup, starting right-handed pitcher Colin McVeigh ‘24 was named MAAC Pitcher of the Week after his tremendous start against Canisius through eight innings that saw only one hit and 14 strikeouts. 

Other players making a mark included Matt Bergevin ‘24 and graduate student catcher Ethan Hibbard who started off the series tied with a MAAC-leading 12 home runs.

Game One 

Left-handed starting pitcher Blake Helmstetter ‘24 was off to an unfortunate start for Friday’s game, giving up a solo and 2 run home run in the first inning to make it 0-3. Helmstetter did not crumble with the added runs, though, and fought back to strike out the last two of the side. 

Teasing their comeback, graduate student second baseman Zach Selinger hit a single to center field and advanced on a balk, putting him in scoring position for Hibbard who then hit an RBI single. 

Helmstetter kept his ground up until the 3rd inning, to which the Peacocks picked up another run off an RBI single.

By the bottom of the 4th, the Stag’s bats were hot and ready to go. Bergevin singled to left field and advanced on a wild pitch, and Hibbard smashed one to center field to clear the bases and set it to 3-4. Wanting in on the action, right fielder Matt Bucciero ‘26 hit his own homer past the right-center fence, tying it at four runs apiece. Right after, shortstop Luke Nomura ‘26 gave the Stags the lead with yet another home run, making it 5-4. 

The Peacocks managed to scrape together another two runs on a home run in the 7th, taking back the lead, but the Stags immediately scored another thanks to Hibbard’s second home run of the day. 

Working their way through the one-run deficit, Nomura hit a game-tying home run in the bottom of the 8th, making it 7-7. A wild pitch was responsible for the lead, as outfielder Paul Catalano ‘24 made his way past home plate due to the miss. The score remained 8-7, and the Stags pulled off a twice-comeback win to open the series. 

Game Two

The Saturday continuation of the series started off quietly. Left-handed starting pitcher Bowen Baker ‘24 kept the Peacock’s bats silent, keeping the scorecard empty for the Stags to write all over it in the bottom of the 3rd.

With two strikes, Bergevin hit an RBI single to left field following third baseman Dean Ferrara ‘25 reaching on an error at third base, putting him in scoring position for Hibbard’s subsequent single. Buccirio cleared the bases, bringing Hibbard home to make it 4-0 Stags.

An RBI single was responsible for Saint Peter’s first run of the game, and the score was scratched to 4-1. 

Action resumed for the Stags in the 5th inning, starting off hot with a home run from Ferrara. Nomura singled and remained on first when the Stags got their first out, managing to steal second. Hibbard worked his way past a full count and walked, then Bucciero fought his way from two strikes to single and brought Nomura home, a subsequent wild pitch advanced the runners and Hibbard scored. Pinch hitter Tyler Kipp ‘25  kept the momentum going with an RBI single to center field. The Stags got their second out before TJ Schmalzle ’26 stepped up to the plate and walked, loading the bases. Wrapping up the seven-run inning, Ferrara doubled to right center and reached third on an error. The score was 11-1 by the end of the 5th. 

  Saint Peter’s scored on a fielder’s choice in the top of the 6th, but that concluded scoring for them. Pitching dealt well, Baker went seven innings with just 2 ER and 11 strikeouts. RHP relievers Peter Phillips ‘26 and Ryan Maiorano ‘27 each went through one inning to conclude the game. 

The Stags managed to score one more run in the bottom of the 8th, a fly-out to bring Bergevin home after he doubled and advanced on a wild pitch. The final score was 12-2.

Game Three

Sunday afternoon’s conclusion saw the Stags eager to pull off the sweep, and it showed. At least one run was scored by nine different Stags; Ferrara led the pack with four hits and two home runs. 

McVeigh took the mound for game three and struck out two in the first after an initial lineout. Matching the energy from the defense, the Stags offense flexed their own strength and Ferrara hit a lead-off home run to right center, prompting the Peacocks to undergo a pitching change. Nomura and Bergevin both walked, giving Hibbard the perfect opportunity with no outs. Hibbard delivered on this chance and doubled to center field to bring both teammates who walked home. Capping the scoring for the inning, Selinger singled to left field and Hibbard scored. It was 4-0 in the first. 

The pitching problem for Saint Peter’s continued. Schmalzle was hit by a pitch and advanced on a passed ball. Nomura then walked, and Bergevin topped it off with an RBI double. A pitch also hit Hibbard, and Bucciero doubled for 2 RBIs. It was 7-0 going into the third.

McVeigh kept the Peacocks at bay, collecting four strikeouts between the second and third innings. The Stags’ offense kept going, and Ferrara hit an RBI single that brought Schmalzle, with some impressive baserunning, home. A failed pickoff attempt with two outs brought Ferrara home, making it 9-0.

Saint Peter’s finally broke through and scored a run on a home run, but the Stags immediately responded and scored four more of their own at the bottom of the inning. 

Selinger hit an RBI double, Catalano an RBI single and Ferrara placed the cherry on top with another home run, making it 13-1.

Trying to chip away at the deficit, another home run brought the score to 13-2 for Saint Peter’s. Selinger made up for the narrowing run difference and hit an RBI single to set it back to 12 runs. 

It seemed like for every run scored, the Stags added several more in response, and the 6th inning was no different. Bucciero hit a 2 RBI double, bringing Ferrara and designated hitter Eric Ludwick ‘25 home. Pinch hitter Aidan Baglino ‘27 was responsible for the next run thanks to an RBI single. Bases were loaded for Schmalzle, and a walk sent another runner home. Another pitch hit Ferrara and another scored. It was 19-2 by the top of the 7th, and the Peacocks could not score another, ending the game. 

Through his six-inning start, McVeigh had a final line of 6 IP, 5 H, 2 ER, 1 BB and 9K. Right-handed reliever Bo Buckley ‘25 induced a lineout, pop-up and foul out to end the game after 10 pitches.  

According to the game’s official press release, Head Coach Bill Currier commended McVeigh’s performance, “It was a good day of McVeigh getting ahead in counts.”  The hitting also got a shout-out, “It was a good power day too with a lot of different guys in the lineup and it was good to see a good combination of that today.”

MAAC action continues for the Stags this weekend against Mount St. Marys, in an away series starting this Friday at 3 p.m.

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