It’s a classic tale of American perseverance: No one believed the U.S. World Cup team could beat Ghana, not even their own coach.

Sure enough, in the first 32 seconds of the game, Forward Clint Dempsey shot the ball into the corner of Ghana’s net to give his team an early lead. For the following 80 minutes, it seemed like the U.S. team had just gotten lucky as they scrambled to keep the hyper-aggressive Ghana out of their zone.

Both teams played roughly; Dempsey took a leg to the face and played the rest of the game with what seemed to be a broken nose, and Ghanaian players seemed to have yellow cards rain down on them (they got two). When Ghana scored in the 82nd minute to tie up the game, it seemed like this American dream was over.

But in typical U.S. fashion, Defender John Brooks Jr. rallied with a header goal off a textbook corner kick to seal Ghana’s coffin and lead the U.S. to a 2-1 victory.

If you had your doubts about the U.S. World Cup team, you should reconsider after this game. What our team lacks in skill and discipline, they make up for with persistence and determination.

Make sure to check out the United States’ next match against Portugal on Sunday, June 22 at 6 p.m.


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